This Spring/Summer 2024, PORTS 1961 reveals a lively collection inspired by sun-soaked destinations, brimming with joy and lightness. Floral prints, jewellery-like embellishments, and soft pastel hues define the essence of the season, capturing its playful spirit. Stripes and Vanise knits dominate, complemented by towel knit jacquards for a sporty yet luxurious touch. The line-up features fluid all-white trouser suits, sleek leather ensembles, and retro-inspired silhouettes, blending timeless elegance with contemporary flair.

From swimming costume-inspired mini dresses to 1930s resort-style knits, each piece exudes a sense of leisure and sophistication. Dotted prints and diamante accents add playful charm, while metallic finishings evoke a hint of old-world glamour. PORTS 1961's Spring/Summer 2024 collection offers a balance of sporty practicality and luxurious elegance, perfect for sunny adventures and glamorous getaways.
Silhouettes include oversized A-line shapes and fitted swimming costume inspired dresses, exuding a more feminine appeal. These pieces are matched with staple underpinnings like twinsets and cotton poplin shirts, which are foundational to the PORTS 1961 brand. Differences in lengths, emphasised darts and juxtaposition of proportions are expressions on the idea of the modern woman who plays many roles simultaneously. The feel of this season is confident and feminine, while every luxurious detail is equally matched with an element that feels opposing, yet complimentary.