Clothes for the present moment: calm, pure, feminine, with an easy grace.

Artistic Director Karl Templer, along with the PORTS 1961 design team, presents a collection that delves into the gestures that imbue clothes with a personal touch, and the unique relationship between clothing and its wearer. This connection is aroused by the senses: the feel of fabric against the skin, the way a dress drapes around the body and moves with its every motion.

These are clothes that delicately and softly caress the body, inviting touch. Everything is washed, flowing, and light. Touch, now considered one of the most forbidden of actions, yet remains the most human. It's a gesture of ownership and personalisation: making clothes one's own, effortlessly, like tying the belt of a trench coat or raising its collar.

These are clothes that move and flow, unrestricted, enveloping themselves, working in harmony with the body, without contrivance. The romantic touch of pleating and gathering brings volumes close where needed: defining the waist, gathering a sleeve at the wrist.

It's a language of feminine ease. Coat dresses and trenches are gentle, light, wrapping and conforming to the body; tailoring is unstructured and double-layered; dresses are pleated and spliced; knitwear is draped and twisted. Cage loafers, flat sandals with long straps winding up the legs, 'objet trouvé jewellery, and double-sided bags.

It's a quest for spontaneity and femininity — elegance as something immediate and intimately personal.