The PORTS 1961 Spring/Summer 2020 Show, hosted at Tate Modern, showcases modernity reflecting on heritage.

It marks a break with the past and a visionary step forward. Leading the fashion for the house in partnership with the design studio, Artistic Director Karl Templer has curated a collection characterised by dual expressions, where character, individuality, and pragmatism harmoniously coexist.

Firstly, there's a generous interpretation of archetypes: suiting in painterly colours; trench coats with bi-material composition; coordinated khaki pieces and satin button-downs refined from workwear; elongated silhouettes complemented by soft volumes. It's a reimagining of familiar concepts.

Craftsmanship oscillates between the understated and the extravagant. Mixed knit techniques, decorative raw edges, triple top-stitching, and exposed tailoring details illustrate this interplay between extremes and tranquility.

Prints convey imaginative intent, ranging from artistic scenes to graphic broken checks, delicate pattern-blocked Chinoiseries, hibiscus florals, to triple-stitched high-contrast animal prints - all infused with vibrancy.

Accessories enhance both elegance and whimsy. Bags are double-sided, featuring hardware etched with the new geometric logo. Colourful, mixed-material jewellery approaches excessiveness. Sandals suggest a charmingly eccentric undercurrent. Unexpected design details and styling choices create intrigue.

Ultimately, a mindset emerges. Uncomplicated shapes counterbalanced by bold patterns. Moving away from minimalism, the attitude is joyful, confident, and individual, reflecting Ports 1961's celebration of its dynamic rebirth.