The PORTS 1961 Pre-Spring 2023 collection offers the quintessential pieces that make up a modern wardrobe - familiar archetypes made special through their detailing.

Contemporary forms and youthful silhouettes, enriched with crafted details and finishes, are overlaid with an almost antique sensibility, creating something timeless yet imbued with an ease of spirit. The collection exudes softness and gentle fluidity at its core. Washed cottons and silks bring a refreshing touch alongside chambray, butter-soft leather, and nautical elements.

Apparent contradictions are harmoniously merged to present a new proposition - blending notions of masculinity and femininity, the hard and the soft, studs and lace, ruffles and leather, denim and lace, embroidery with nautical and tailoring, and spliced and reconstructed stripes. Accessories introduce a delicate touch with double pouch bags, a minimal clog flat form sandal, and 'diamond' cut jewellery reimagined in silver.