Irreverence: a perspective that approaches familiar things in unfamiliar ways, challenging established norms and disrupting traditions.

Inspired by a new era of self-expression and a subversive interpretation of traditional dressing codes, there's a disregard for what is expected, and a willingness to defy conventions set by history.

Artistic Director Karl Templer crafts the new PORTS 1961 collection by adopting a sampling mentality, drawing inspiration from a collective memory, reshaping and reassembling ideas. The end result retains the essence and outline of its origins, but nothing remains in its original position. New genres emerge in the present moment.

Subverted classics are defined and elevated through intricate craftsmanship. Tailoring is combined with corsets, expressing elements of femininity. Strength meets delicacy, finding resilience in pieces that traditionally conveyed fragility. Short, sharp shapes are punctuated with delicate ruffles. A strict graphic sense is harmonised with a lavish sense of womanhood. Traditionally feminine elements are given a more robust edge. Tailored suits, long flowing dresses, Breton stripes, and leather pieces coalesce. A touch of playfulness is added. Boots with towering platforms ground the looks; metal jewellery provides an irreverent twist on preciousness.

This collection bridges the past and present, offering clothes that carry significance with an irreverent spirit.