Emotion, warmth, instinct, and a desire to assert one's presence through attire: clothes tailored for this very moment.

Determined to extend the comfort and ease that have become synonymous with dressing primarily for indoors to the outside world, while also delving into design and fabrication to offer pieces that feel unique and personal, Artistic Director Karl Templer collaborates with the PORTS 1961design team to create a collection that explores the balance between functionality and desirability.

In this 60th anniversary year for PORTS, Templer looks to a certain kind of elegance, embracing cocooning shapes, propriety, and even oversized decorative buttons from its origins and projecting them into a new era. Everything is profoundly tactile, engaging the senses, pleasing the body, and liberating movement. Knitwear embodies the pursuit of ease in a protective embrace. A grammar of feminine shapes unfolds in an evolving interplay between the softness of draping and the precision of tailoring, between clean silhouettes and intricate twists and folds. 

Each item makes a statement. Sculptural coats with unbuttoned backs; flowing trench coats; folded dresses; jumpers as substantial as outerwear. Snug leather boots with butterfly heels, accentuated by delicate buckled straps. Sleek jewellery and double-sided bags lined with faux fur add the finishing touch.

This is a celebration of fashion as something fundamental rather than frivolous, evoking instinctual and personal connections.