The PORTS 1961 Fall/Winter 2020 collection delves into feminine personal style, drawing inspiration from the insights of Artistic Director Karl Templer and the PORTS 1961 design team. It stems from a fascination with the emotions connected to clothing - how specific wardrobe pieces can become integral to a personal narrative, contributing to the story that women convey through their attire.

It explores the process of assembling a look, which is as instinctual as it is deliberate; as unique as it is practical for everyday life. Familiar clothing archetypes are blended with statement pieces, reflecting a highly individualised approach. This perspective embodies a feminine essence imbued with gentle strength and confidence. It's a study of personal taste - a concept that brings together elements which may not initially seem compatible. It's personal taste that forms the foundation of a wardrobe.

The outerwear features bold, deconstructed volumes, providing a sense of protection. There's also the subtle bourgeois essence captured in fluid silk pieces, knits, blouses, and pleated skirts. Precision tailoring is juxtaposed with artful florals and the freedom of uniquely applied decorative elements. Square-toed trompe-l’œil boots, 'objet trouvé' jewellery, and double-sided bags complete the ensemble. Memories serve as guiding influences, devoid of nostalgia. The familiar is deconstructed, twisted, and re-contextualised."