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Fall-Winter 2022 show

Irreverence: a way of looking at familiar things in unfamiliar ways, breaking rules and disrupting tradition.

Inspired by a new era of self-expression and a subverted take on traditional dressing codes, an irreverence for what is meant to be, and disregard for the conventions established by history are affirmed. The fascination with clothing tradition is matched with a healthy disregard for the long-established formulas of the past.

Artistic Director Karl Templer devises the new PORTS 1961 collection by applying a sampling mentality, taking ideas from a shared collective memory, turning them around and putting them back together. The end result keeps the traces and the outline of what it was but nothing in its original place. New genres arise in the here and now.

Subverted classics are defined and taken to their ultimate expression with detailed workmanship. Tailoring mixed with corsets and expressions of femininity. Re-evaluated Victoriana finds a youthful vibe, mixing the past with the present. Strength and delicacy meet, finding toughness in pieces that traditionally signaled fragility. Short, sharp shapes break into little flourishes of ruffles.

A graphic sense of strictness is re-balanced with an indulgent sense of womanliness. Classically feminine codes are toughened up. Tailored suits. Long flowing dresses. Breton stripes and leather. A zing of frivolity. Boots towering on platforms ground the looks; metal jewelry makes for an irreverent take on what’s precious.

A collection that connects past and present. Clothes that matter, irreverently.

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