Led by Creative Director Nataša Čagalj, luxury fashion brand Ports 1961 places an unwavering emphasis on quality, functionality, and timeless, understated style.

The international spirit at the heart of Nataša’s designs is reflected in the brand’s global operations: collections are designed in London, produced in Italy, and housed in the brand’s flagship stores in Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai.


Ports was founded by Canadian entrepreneur Luke Tanabe, its name inspired by the global vision of its founder, who began importing silk from Japan to the New World. Tanabe expanded Ports into a luxury womenswear label with a reputation for unsurpassed quality and simplicity of style: an ethos Ports has carried with it into the 21st century.

By 1966, the company was renamed Ports International, reflecting Tanabe’s wanderlust, and evocative of the jet set spirit of global travel. This distinctive characteristic would become the defining narrative of Ports. Travel influenced its expansion: by the mid-1970s, the brand had boutiques throughout North America, and in 1983, under the creative leadership of Christine and Miki Tanabe, it found a new port of call in Europe, where it expanded throughout the following decade.

The appointment of Dean and Dan Caten as co-head designers in 1988 led Ports on another journey, from a classically inspired town-and-country clothier to a modern designer label. The mood was of youthful exuberance, with noted new success found in the Far East.

In 2004, under the creative direction of the Cibani sisters, Fiona and Tia, the label relaunched as Ports 1961, reflecting the label’s roots and half a century’s exploration of cultures and styles. Ports 1961 relocated its design base to Europe in 2011, first to Milan and then, in 2017, to London, with Creative Director Nataša Čagalj at the helm. A global hub and melting pot of cultures, London is the perfect home for Ports 1961; less a base, more a window to the world. Not a final destination, but the start of the next journey.